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MODELS – Models or modeling agencies are welcome to submit tasteful boudoir photos of attractive and well proportioned women to be considered as a HoneyBee or a QueenBee (we determine the criteria of each). Be sure to include a full bio as well as a career bio/resume highlighting life accomplishments. Photographer, stylist, clothing, and MUA must be properly credited. Keep in mind that we ARE a men’s magazine.

BRANDS – All stores, boutiques, clothing brands, auto and electronic brands, etc., are welcome to submit featured stories to inform our readers of your brand. Be sure to submit high resolution photos (guidelines below) as well as any article, bio, or press release that is to accompany the feature. Keep in mind that we are a men’s magazine.

WRITERS/PUBLICISTS/EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS – All stories, press releases, and event photos will be considered for HoneyBee Mag and Be sure to double check all written material for grammatical and common errors. All photography must be submitted as high res photos, and the date as well as venue must be included.

BRAND AMBASSADOR/SPOKES MODEL – HoneyBee Mag Brand Ambassadors & Spokes Models will assist with digital social media marketing as well as marketing and promotions of HoneyBee Mag within their local area. FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW TO REQUEST TO BE A BRAND AMBASSADOR OR SPOKES MODEL IN YOUR CITY.

GUIDELINES – Most featured stories and spreads will be 5-6 pages. It is mandatory to submit high res photos that are 300 dpi and at least 2550 x 3300 pixels or bigger for one page, and 5,000 x 3300 pixels or bigger for a 2 page spread. It is a best practice to send at least 10 photos for consideration. Photographer, stylist, clothing, and MUA must be properly credited.


The form below may be used for:
– Inquiries concerning our website
– Requests for HoneyBee Mag to help promote and come out and sponsor your upcoming events
– You would like to partner w/ HoneyBee Mag for an event or participate in one of our upcoming evets
– Brand Ambassador or Spokes Model request.