Ebonyte Clothing Co

Like most of us, who’ve had that one experience when it became obvious you didn’t fit it because of some form of stereotype – we’ve longed to be represented as equals.

Like most of us, who’ve had to buy expensive clothes that we knew weren’t worth it – we’ve longed to fill our wardrobes with good clothes that arent just easy on the pocket and of high quality but clothes that dont disrespect our intelligence and swagger.

Thats where we come in –

The Ebonyte brand (and “teamebonyte” ) signifies “equality through clothing”. We create vintagery for our watchword – equality – apparel with reasoning – Styling, designing and manufacturing our own apparel, accessories and collectibles, with the sole purpose of representing equality through them.

How do we know we’re good at what we do? We make peoples feel good about themselves through apparel that speaks “equality”, and with sales points in India, Nigeria, the Uk and Kenya, continue to edge closer to more outlets across the world, carving a size-able niche for ourselves. We are idealists in all we do and have the cutting edge expertise needed to create an efficient product for our brand and other brands we partner with.

Simple, seamless and stunning. We’re not distracted by anything else. Above all we know that real vintagery comes from the knowledge, understanding and human empathy that we put into each and every thing we produce.


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