Revive Brand Co

Created on the streets of Las Vegas and inspired by the culture of the West Coast, Revive Brand Co. is a brand grounded to its city roots. Where individuals overcome obstacles and become victorious in their own journey.

Being natives to the nocturnal city known for its millions of foreigners looking to be the next new money, we quickly got a taste of luxury. But life beyond Las Vegas BLVD. was anything but that. Witnessing the sky-high money makers, while living in the everyday valley streets brought together four individuals with an unordinary mentality. With little experience in business and manufacturing, they quickly knew they couldn’t leave their fate in the hands of society and set off on a journey that would be more difficult than ever imagined. The obstacles they faced bonded them into a Unit held by Strength and Honor. The result is a hand crafted selection of travel gear and accessories where luxury meets street.

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