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International fashion designer and owner of Jevon Terance Fashion Line is a lifelong resident of Lorain.

Founded in the year 2007 by its namesake, the Jevon Terance Fashion Line grew quickly from a passionate hobby to a recognizable brand.

Terance has participated in seven fashion shows across four seasons during New York Fashion Week, in addition to showcasing his designs during Paris Fashion Week in 2015.

For the first time since the novel coronavirus pandemic, Terance returns to New York City to showcase his collections.

Jevon Terance (Courtesy of Jevon Terance)
Jevon Terance (Courtesy of Jevon Terance)

The collection will be presented during the Confessional Show Room and SFW Fashion Shows.

The SFWRUNWAY showcases high-end luxury streetwear brands during New York Fashion Week.

Terance is a client of The Confessional Showroom NYC, one of the most acclaimed show rooms in New York City known among fashion editors, stylists and social media influencers as the place to discover new, fashion-forward designers in New York and Miami.

He said he’s very excited to be back in New York.

“I had to curate two different looks,” Terance said. “The Show Room is more glitz and glam, while streetwear is mixed with mediums of sneakers and laidback pieces without dumbing down the collection.”

Runway model wearing apparel from Jevon Terance. (Courtesy of Jevon Terance)
Runway model wearing apparel from Jevon Terance. (Courtesy of Jevon Terance)

Terance said the collection is very special as it celebrates the brand’s 15th year anniversary.

The 15-year collection is based on the X15 hypersonic aircraft, the first experimental aircraft to reach the edge of outer space.

“Moving into 15 years, we want to take the brand to new heights, which is what the X plane, X15 did,” Terance said. “This 15-year collection will do just that by providing a new color palette and mixing textiles; which is pushing forward into the future of Jevon Terance.

“I’m happy to be celebrating 15 years with collaborators across the country and in NYC.”

Terance said as the brand expands, his company is doing more collaboration with small manufacturing businesses.

“It can feel weird to design something and not be the one who makes it,” he said. “But, it’s amazing to receive the product and it’s spot on.

“As we grow, I can’t be the one who sits there and sews everything, so trust is a big thing. We’re working with small businesses so we can work efficiently, and it’s a good fit.”

Terance said although he enjoys traveling, home is where the heart is.

“Family comes first, and that’s a big part of being stationed here,” he said. “I love my community, taking part in local organizations and being a mentor; social media plays a big part in not having to move.”

He said he and his business and supporters hope to host a locally-based fashion show in the near future.

“I like to take the energy from New York Fashion Week and bring it back here in a private setting,” Terance said. “Ideally, we’d like to do that before it gets too cold.”

For more information or further inquiries, contact shopjevon@gmail.com.

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