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Puffer Jackets: Are They Trendy for Fall 2022?

Puffer jackets have long been a popular jacket option for fall and winter; they’re lightweight, extra insulating, typically very comfortable, and even fashionable. But, as with any fashion style, public opinion changed over the years. So, are they still trendy for fall 2022? The short answer is yes, and here’s why.

Urban and Streetwear Appeal

Puffer jacket outfits are often seen in hiking and related outdoor activities, thanks to the utilitarian design of these garments. However, since at least the early 90s, oversized puffer jackets have remained a staple in the urban and streetwear fashion scenes—specifically, designer jackets with larger-than-life silhouettes and vibrant, loud colors (usually one consistent color). This fall season, capture the streetwear look by finding a puffer jacket that’s slightly larger than your usual size.

Multiple Options

Luckily, you don’t have to stick to one type of puffer jacket to create a trendy outfit, as multiple variations are available on the market. Some puffers feature less-obvious puffs, while others are so puffed that you look like the Michelin Man! You can find puffers with mock and turtle necks, slit pockets, hoods, and more. The material also varies from item to item, with most garments featuring synthetic materials, whereas others are made with completely natural down.

Functionality Is King

One reason that puffer jackets will most likely remain trendy fall after fall comes down to one factor: superior functionality. People want to look great in the winter, but not as much as they desire warmth and protection from the elements. Well, puffer jackets provide that protection extremely effectively at an affordable price. They’re easy to clean and comfortable on the skin, and most don’t feature extra interior insulation that some people find too stuffy. In fact, some debate whether wearing fleece or puffer jackets is the superior option for fall and winter!

So, yes, puffer jackets are absolutely trendy for fall 2022, and they will probably remain true for the foreseeable future. Grab a comfortable, functional, and stylish puffer jacket this fall to ensure you look great, all while staying protected from harsh weather!

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